My Tickets

My Tickets is an area reserved for you, where you will find easy and convenient access to your tickets. You no longer need to print your tickets to access an event, or worry if they have arrived by mail or are in spam (unwanted folder), with visiting "My Tickets" will access at any time. Access to My Entries Access to "My Tickets"

Virtual Tickets

In your My Tickets area, you have your fully valid virtual tickets that guarantee access to the event where you bought the ticket.

Access My Posts

To access "My tickets", you must have made a purchase, since the only thing that is offered is access to your tickets, access is It is done with the email that made the purchase and the password that has been provided, if you do not have a password, request one from the entry screen to the area, clicking on "If you don't have a password, request one"

See my purchases

In "My Tickets", you will get a list of all your unused tickets, the tickets will remain one day after the event.

use my input

The Virtual Ticket accessible from "My Tickets", is used like any other normal ticket, select the ticket and show the QR to be validated when entering the event.

Deletion of My Data, Protection and use.

You can delete your data at any time, but remember to make copies of your entries, as you will no longer be able to access them. By deleting your data, any reference to you is deleted.

The protection of your privacy is guaranteed by the scarcity of data that we ask for (normally with your email, it is enough), and by the null use that we make of them. You will only receive notifications from with messages related to your tickets and events to which you have purchased tickets. We do not trade with your data or transfer it to third parties. is not responsible for the use that event organizers/promoters use of your data