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In megaentrances only tickets are offered directly from their organizers, so we guarantee the best possible price. We currently offer sales via the web and ticket offices of the event venues themselves.

Way to pay

We only accept payments with credit cards that accept "Double authentication" (Reinforced Customer Authentication), this system interposes a second verification step for the client, normally you will have to enter a code received on your mobile at the time of making the purchase, for more information check with your bank.

All payment operations such as the introduction of the card number, codes and passwords are carried out outside our servers, with your bank entity being in charge of verifying and authenticating the operation.

Order Cancellation© , acts as distributors and intermediaries between our clients and the promoters with whom we work.© does not organize or promote any kind of events. In case of error in the purchase, or impossibility of attendance, we cannot cancel or change your tickets.© informs you that once the tickets have been purchased, no changes, refunds or cancellations are allowed, except in the case of suspension of the show.

Therefore, the User must reliably ensure the accuracy and adequacy of the data entered before processing the purchase. Not being able to attend the show or making a mistake when purchasing the tickets are not reasons that allow their return. Tickets may only be canceled due to possible technical or operational incidents, attributable to©.

The impossibility of attending an event or show or the commission of an error when making the purchase of the ticket(s) (due to having entered the email incorrectly in the purchase process, for example) are not reasons that allow its return. .

In accordance with current regulations on consumption and retail management, the Buyer may not exercise the right of withdrawal or resolution, since the provision of services related to leisure activities is exempt from such right.

In case of suspension of the Event after more than half of it has elapsed, the Buyer will not be entitled to a refund of the Ticket Price.

Bad weather conditions do not give the right to a refund of the ticket or its price.

The refund of the ticket amount will only be made when the show is suspended or modified in its essential aspects. The return of the amounts within the cases collected, will be announced and made by the promoters of the event.

Return and Refund

Changes and refunds will only be accepted in case of cancellation of the Event, or in case the event is suspended within the period established by the Organizer.

Event cancellations or changes that occur after receipt by the Buyer of the Purchase Confirmation of the ticket(s), such as change of date, venue, artists, are solely and exclusively the responsibility of the Organizer, therefore that©, as the distributor of the tickets, may solely and exclusively proceed with the announcement and indications given by the promoter of the event. The cancellation of the tickets and, therefore, the return of the Price is solely the responsibility of the Event Organizer.

In the event that the Organizer decides to proceed with the return of the Price, this will be reimbursed directly by the Organizer in the means of payment used for the purchase (credit or debit card), or the formula that it has, within the term of fifteen (15) business days from the date of the public communication of the cancellation of the Event;

Security and Buyer Protection

These general conditions of sale are strictly applied to all sales of products made in Spain and the rest of the European Community, destined for natural persons over 18 years of age.

Any order made to© necessarily implies, as an essential, determining and essential condition, the unreserved acceptance by the Client of the General Conditions of Sale of© and its points of sale. both physical and online sales, valid on the day the corresponding order is placed. In addition, the Client acknowledges that the acceptance of these conditions will imply the application of these to the order to which they refer, as well as to any subsequent order, with the exception of those cases in which new conditions are brought to his attention by megaentries. com©. The fact that© does not resort to any of these conditions at any given time cannot be interpreted nor will it be equivalent to giving up resorting to them in the future or in the future.